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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ancestry Freebie Site

Here is an other great site to follow for ancestry freebies. I will add this to the top of my blog on the right side.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Merging Our F.A.G. Memorials (updated)

Due to FAG merging duplicated memorials - in the new year (2018) we will begin merging all of our memorials to our ancestral blogs to keep track of the updates,  to prevent duplicating memorials on the F.A.G site and to continue the rights of maintaining our memorials. We understand their concern for duplicated memorials, however, when it is family requesting the rights to update the information with the accurate information on the memorials as well as requesting the rights to maintain their loved ones memorials and the person holding possession of the memorial is more concerned about his stats then the family of the deceased and updates or transfers are denied or ignored, well it is no wonder their are so many duplicated memorials. It is called respect that everyone deserves. I see this all to often so we will merge our memorials here.

All of the issues and fuss their site is creating between individuals this is why we decided to merge our memorials that we hold possession of to our ancestral blog. 

I will note: We are family to all of the memorials we hold and we will continue to update these memorials with the most accurate to our knowledge information that has been verified before updating. We do not care about stats to how many deceased memorials we hold. We care about our deceased loved ones no matter where they are related to us and we give them the respect they deserve as well as their families. 

So please be advised we will be merging in the new year.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

List Free Genealogy Sites

The sites that I have noted here within this post are also included in the drop box up above.       (near the top of this blog).

As with any site I note please keep in mind that these are resources and should be used as references for your search. VERIFY all information before marking it a confirmed hit! 

**With sites like Ancestry, Family Tree, Rootsweb, Family Search and WikiTree please note that these are not nor should they be considered confirmed hits.** They are just resources and should be used as such until you have confirmed any and all information noted within these sites!  I can not say it enough! VERIFY! VERIFY! VERIFY! All information you com across before claiming it a hit. And tab, bookmark or copy the url link and document it as a resource. So when you come back and want to see where it came from you know where you got it, or if someone else asks what is your reference? You will be able to show them where you got it from.

Free Genealogy Sites

More Over Sea Resources

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Antique Find

So I was out shopping with my oldest at an antique store and got some books, yes books, surrounding genealogy or local history finds. In a box of books I purchased with some great finds, any how we landed this agenda/contacts book.

In my world of thinking I thought how cool would it be to locate the descendant of this original owner, or the owner if still living. In the back of it is a heart gripping journal entry of two in love battling life threatening challenges. My daughter and immediately grew to appreciate the author of this brief entry that you truly can feel the love. 

Soo! Maybe you can help?!

We believe the owner is related to, or is a descendant to surname Canfield. In a postcard addressed to Nashville, TN, she addresses a Mrs. D. D. Canfield. We believe the author is female and she addresses her love as 'D'. It is possible the Nashville address is her daughter.

The Author obviously knew these indiduals.

1) Mrs. E. W.  Andrews   from  Miami, Florida.
2) Mrs. Norma Renaldi    from  Miami, Florida.
3) Mrs. Stella Nelson       from  Miami, Florida.
4) Elizabeth ?                   from  Detroit, Michigan
5) Mrs. J. W. Moy
6) Mrs. Hersh                   from Jamaica  ?
                      (Jamaican L.I.   N, Y). ????

7) Mr. and Mrs.  Elmo/Elma (?) Willis          From Observatory Drive ??
8) Mary OBrien
9) Mr/Mrs T. R. Sanders    From Brentwood
10) Mr. and Mrs. JC Bamford/Banford          From Woodmont Boulevard
11) Mr. and Mrs. CW McCullough                from Estes Avenue 
12) Mr and Mrs. Jake Petuay                         From 1008 Mansfield Ave. 
13) Mr/Mrs JE Karanaugh/Kasanaugh          From Windsor Hotel,  Jacksonville, Florida 

These are just a few names of some they have noted. I will try to get these photo's uploaded shortly.

 I'm estimating they are from the Florida area, possibly Tennessee area.

Thanks for any thoughts offered.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Vanderburgh Co., Indiana Deaths Prior to 1990

Browning Genealogy Indiana Website - Some sites for Indiana are accessible for everyone and some are only for Indiana resident. I do not know which on this one is so I am posting this here.
There are 9 total pictures to this post so I will have to add pictures in 3 separate posts.

The Notecard Database contains obituary records primarily prior to 1990

[click images to enlarge them]






Updated information on the LOGSDON DITCH in Vanderburgh County, Indiana:

We sent inquiries off requesting any information about how this ditch came about and if it was named after a paritcular individual in the Logsdon bunch. This is what our reply was:

This information was recieved from a gentleman at a Willard Historical Library in Indiana.

My most educated guess to your question is as follows. In the late 1800s Hiram M Logsdon bought a large amount of property in Union Township. (Logsdon was a prominent attorney, Democratic politician and probate judge) Southeast of his property the Stroud family also had substantial land holdings. At his time a series of ditches were being constructed to drain the many sloughs and low area in Union Township for cultivation. It was customary to name ditches for the property owners or the people who constructed them. In the County Commissioner's records there are contracts for bridges in 1896 on King's Road over Logsdon Stroud Ditch and in 1888-9 on Seminary Road over Logsdon Stroud Ditch (Frenchmann's Slough) . On some maps the northern branch of the ditch was listed just as Stroud Ditch. An earlier 1869 bridge was listed as crossing Frenchman's Slough. All of the above information leads me to believe that Frenchman's Slough was renamed Logsdon Ditch in the late 1800s after H.M. Logsdon bought the property in the area.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Perry Co., Indiana Early Birth Records


Birth Records of Perry County, Indiana